Rates for Massage Therapy

60 Minutes   -  $90     

90 Minutes  -  $120   

120 Minutes  -  $180



Ready to make massage apart of your self care routine? Purchase a package and save money. 

Package A)  Four 60 minute sessions  -  $320

Package B)   Eight 60 minute sessions  -  $630

Package C)   Twelve 60 minute sessions  - $950   

These packages can be used in 30 minute units to allow for varying session lengths based on needs and patient schedules.

Package A expires 4 months after purchase date, Package B expires 8 months after purchase date, Package C expires 12 months after purchase date. Clients are responsible for keeping up-to-date on their expiration dates.  

Example  -  Four sessions can be used for one 60 minute session and two 90 minute sessions


Sessions are by appointment only.

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Prices are subject to change. Refunds are not offered.