After session care


Congratulations! You are taking charge of your health and well being with the power of Massage Therapy. Now that you are off the table and back to reality, there are a few more steps to achieve the full benefits from your treatment. Please use the following as a resource to elevate your self care and get the most out of your bodywork.   


Increasing Water Intake

Water should be a staple in your diet daily. This is the nectar of life. After receiving any form of bodywork, it is so important to try and double your water consumption. During a massage, your practitioner is creating a huge toxin release from working body tissue. Drinking a lot of water will help aid your body in flushing these toxins out and re-hydrating fatigued muscles, ligaments, and tendons, The more water you drink, the less sore you will be!


Stretches, Self massage, and exercises 

You can fit self care into your day-to-day life in places you are overlooking. 


Using cold and heat

Depending on your particular treatment plan heat, cold, or a combination of the two can help between your sessions. Do not use cold or heat for more than 15 minutes at a time, no more than 1 hour total in a day. 

COLD - great to use within a 72 hour window of injury or notable pain, This will calm the area, help slow the rapid blood flow to the area, and reduce any heat or swelling.

HEAT - ideal when dealing with chronic pain or injury past the 72 hour window. The warmth relaxes the tissue, promotes healing from within, allows temporary relief.  

THE COMBINATION - For those pesky spots that you can't seem to tackle alternating cold and heat will suit you well. This combination overloads the nervous system, leading to the tissue release. This is best for chronic pain.